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tv   Today  NBC  May 29, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. on the . good morning. on the defensive, president trump pushing back amid new reports his son-in-law jared kushner tried to establish a secret back channel with russia as the president faces surprising criticism from one of the leaders he met with on his first foreign trip. why germany's chancellor is signaling she can no longer rely on the u.s. new defiance. north korea conducts another missile test, its third in less than a month. world leaders strongly condemning the launch, one even calling for concrete action. is tension in the region finally reaching a breaking point? shut down. a brand new water slide in california closed again today
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accident -- a boy launching off the ride, landing on concrete. he walks away with minor injuries. investigators now racing to figure out why it happened and how to keep it from happening again. and horrifying crash. two cars collide at the indy 500, sending one of them air born, hitting the wall and flipping several times the car destroyed, the driver unhurt. what he's saying about that wild ride and the history that was made at the end of the race today, monday, may 29, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this monday morning, craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones.
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the morning off. that crash in indianapolis. >> unbelievable, and he's okay. >> that was a quarter way into the race, my wife was there at the track. she said it's one of the things that you can't believe. the fact that he walked away, amazing. i tell you what else is amazing. the line for nile. >> in the rain. >> i love the fact that naill appreciate his fans. he says "thank you all, i understand you all must be freezing and soaked through. naill they are, but apparently you were worth it. >> we will hear from mr. horan this morning. first, president trump dogged by mounting controversies tied to russia at home. we have full coverage starting at the white house with nbc's kristen w
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>> reporter: craig, good morning to you. the president was hoping his first foreign trip would help turn the page on the negative headlines over the russia probe, but instead he's back at the white house and the scrutiny is only deepening. with his son-in-law now at the center of some of the latest revelations. this morning, the president is back on defense. president trump returning to washington from his first foreign trip and bracing for battle after the "washington post" reported over the weekend his son-in-law jared kushner tried to set up a back channel for communicating with the russians in december before the inauguration. kushner is now a focus in the russia investigation by the fbi. a source familiar with the thinking inside the white house says a few people have suggested jared kushner should lay low for a while. over the weekend, the trump administration on defense. >> it's both normal, in my opinion, and acceptable. any way that you can communicate with people, particularly organizations tha a
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particularly friendly to us is a good thing. >> reporter: the attorney who will represent the president in the russia probe was spotted sunday at the white house talking to ivanka trump and mr. trump, who largely stayed off social media during his trip, was back on twitter sunday. "it is my opinion that many of the leaks coming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the fake news media." other republicans backing him up. >> i don't trust this story as far as i can throw it. >> reporter: on "meet the press," former director of national intelligence james clapper had a different take on reports of a back channel. >> i will tell you that my dashboard warning light was clearly on and i think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community. >> reporter: and some democrats pounced on kushner. >> i think there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful, whether he was candid. >> reporter: this morning there are new tensions abroad after president trump was given warm welcomes in saudi arabia and israel, he may have roiled
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members for failing to pay their fair share. at a campaign speech in germany, chancellor angela merkel suggesting america can't be trusted saying "we europeans must really take our own destiny into our own hands." as for kushner, important to point out he is not the subject of the investigation and those familiar with the matter say right now he's focused on work and is's to cooperate with any investigation and there's no indication the president shares that view. today mr. trump telling the "new york times" jared is doing a great job for the country. the president will mark memorial day by laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery and delivering sheinelle, craig, back to you. john harwood is cnbc's editor at large. let's start with the war room idea that the white house is setting up to combat revelations remitte t
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lot of these revelations seem to be coming from inside the administration, how effective can this war room be? >> it's a huge challenge for them because this is not simply an argument between the president and members of the other party. this is an argument or a conflict between the president, his own fbi, his own cia, his own justice department where there's a special counsel investigating all of these matters involving russia i've got to say this report, if true of jared kushner using secret back channel facilities to contact russia, that's not normal. we'll have to see if the report proves that to be correct. >> you mention the "new york times" reports a back channel was proposed to discuss syria and other national security issues. if there that's the case, is
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they needed to secretly communicate with the russians, or diplomatic facilities, without including the pentagon? >> to use russian facilities to do that, no, there isn't and it raises basic questions of exactly what side jared kushner and the -- his associates within the trump transition were on. and if you look at the results, sheinelle, of this foreign trip, which the strings that kristen mentioned in her piece between the united states, members of nato, angela merkel, french president macron, that is a principle goal and has been for decades from the russians to weaken the western alliance. we will see what the long-term consequences of that meeting was, but on its face it seems to accomplish precisely what vladimir putin wanted to accomplish. >> john, mr. kushner now again wrapped up in this fbi investigation. reports that the president was
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flynn investigation. according to the "washington post," the president asking his intel chiefs also to push back on the fbi investigation. to you, what picture is emerging? >> it's a picture of a white house and a set of actors within the white house, jared kushner, of course michael flynn is no longer there, in deep trouble. this is a serious investigation. robert mueller is a very serious person who takes the concerns of the intelligence community seriously and so i'm not sure a war room of operatives within the white house subpoeis adequa the task. i think they've got big problems and this happens when their entire legislative agenda is struggling. they don't have a tax plan yet. the health care plan is nowhere, it passed the house extremely unpopular, the senate hasn't moved yet. so that's why you see the president lashing out at the fake news media and accusing people of making up
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up these stories. it's because he feels the heat and it's intense. >> cnbc's john harwood, john, thank you. >> you bet. north korea is facing condemnation of yet ath sse st. the latest act of defiance coming today drawing swift reaction from the u.s. and other nations. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest. blake, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning to you. this latest test shows an increasingly bold north korea defying repeated warnings from the u.s. and its allies. it comes as we're seeing images of north korean leader kim jong-un released over the weekend. with tensions already high, north korea launched yet another missile, its third test in three weeks. the latest, according to u.s. officials, a short range ballistic missile flying for six minutes and nearly 250 miles before crashing into the sea of japan. the japanese prime minister vowing to take action. over the weekend, these new
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state media show leader kim jong-un overseeing military exercises. the isolated country and its nuclear ambition is seen as one of the biggest national security challenges facing the trump administration. >> a conflict in north korea, john would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetimes. >> reporter: this morning, u.s. officials are working with allies to gather more information and plot their next move. this morning j japan and south korea both vowing action, the u.s. says it will back those allies. what that action or response will be remains to be seen. craig and sheinelle? >> blake, thank you. we have new arrests connected to last week's terror attacks connected to that ariana grande concert. this as the pop star herself speaks out. lucy cavanaugh is in manchester. lucy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, s.
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investigation. police raiding mul ining multi properties. a 23-year-old man under arrest bringing the total number of people in custody to 14. this weekend, more raids and more arrests, a manhunt that shows no slides of slowing down as the suspected network behind the manchester bomber is rounded up. 1,000 investigators working round the clock, and it seems to be paying off. the threat level lowered from critical to severe even as armed patrols remain deployed through the long weekend. authorities releasing these images of the 22-year-old suicide bomber, salman abedi, taken from a security camera the night of the attack. they also located the apartment where they believe he built the bomb before heading to the arena to commit last monday's massacre.
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sunday at the great manchester run. there was applause and tears for the first responders, too. 40,000 people taking to the streets, running for different causes united in their defiance. >> we want to stand proud with manchester and show them that the terrorists won't win. >> it's my first time. >> reporter: are you excited? pop singer ariana grande also defiant, pledging to return to manchester for a benefit concert to help the victims. this emotional letter to grande from a daddy of three daughters going viral. the georgia father telling the pop star "you're no more responsible for the actions of an insane coward who committed an act near proximity than you would be for a devastating natural disaster." the same dad sending this statement to the "today" show. >> we are hungry for inspiration.
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least less hateful than those who recruit cowards to blow up children, we could change the world. >> reporter: guys, so many stories of inspiration at yesterday's run and at the memorial. people pouring in on this holiday week end to pay their respects, to leave messages of love and support. we saw a church band paying a touching tributes moments earlier. the folks in manchester are presenting a united front in the face of terror. craig, sheinelle. >> that memorial is massive. lucy kafanov, thank you. a tragic accident tied to the holiday celebrations is under investigation. an elite navy seal fell to his death sunday when his parachute failed to open during a demonstration over the hudson river here in new york. nbc's morgan ratford has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morng. major cities across the country are honoring memorial day weekend with what's called fleet week. it's when active service
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celebrations like air shows to honor the country's military. one of those celebrations in jersey city turned deadly when a member of an elite parachute squad lost his life. on this memorial day weekend, tragedy for the u.s. navy. a parachutist killed after crashing into the water during a fleet week celebration in jersey city. navy officials say the parachute malfunctioned and failed to open properly. this video shows the yellow cloth floating into a nearby parking lot. >> there's going to be 70 green, 7-0 green street. priority one fall, parachute down. >> reporter: witnesses telling nbc news the man fell from the sky with his parachute on but began spiraling downward. >> he landed in the water adjacent to liberty state park. he was retrieved immediately by u.s. coast guard personnel and the jersey city fire department marine unit. >> reporter: the man was taken to jersey city medical center
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the fall happening during a scheduled demonstration of the navy's elite leapfrogs parachute team which performed throughout the country. made up of active duty navy seals, the unit sometimes performs jumps from as high as 12,000 feet more than two miles up. the victim's name has not been released. authorities are waiting to notify his family. now an investigation is under way to determine the cause of the malfunction. that same parachute team was scheduled to hold an event in city field in new york city today but they've canceled. meanwhile, authorities will decide to release the name of the fallen seal 24 hours after they've had a chance to notify his family. craig, sheinelle. >> so sad. thank you, morgan. we're learning more about the suspect in a deadly shooting rampage until mississippi. in all, eight people killed, including a sheriff's deputy. nbc's maya rodriguez has the latest on that investigation. maya, good morning to
7:16 am
>> reporter: good morning, craig. well this morning, the small mississippi community has been shaken to the core. willie corey godbolt who goes by the name of corey confessing he killed eight people. among them, a deputy from this department and two boys who they say essentially started as a dispute that turned into a massacre. this morning, a troubling portrait emerging of 35-year-old corey godbolt, the man accused of going on a horrific killing spree in rural mississippi leaving eight people dead, including a sheriff's deputy and two boys. >> i ain't fit to live. not after what i done. >> reporter: his aunt, shirley mcgowan, says he had problems. >> he would do things and say things kind of like i'm bad and nobody can attack me. i >> reporter: authori say
7:17 am
>> he killed my daughter, my two sister-in-laws, my niece, he killed a deputy and then he kill mid-nephew's son and his nephew. >> reporter: he allegedly targeted three different houses along with deputy william durr, 36 years old. at the second home, authorities found the bodies of the two underage boys. then a man and a woman found dead at the third house. vincent mitchell witnessed the killing of his life. >> i believe he came to kill everybody in the house. >> reporter: moments after he was caught by deputies, godbolt spoke with a reporter from the clarion ledger who recorded the interview. >> he knew what he had done and he was not afraid to talk about it. >> my intentions was to have y'all to kill me. i ran out of bullets. >> reporter: it's a good thing they showed mercy. >> suicide by cop was my
7:18 am
godbolt is being held on seven counts of first degree murder and one count of capital murder. craig? >> maya, thank you. it's shaping up to be a stormy holiday for millions of americans. dylan is in for al. >> people in the plaza don't seem to mind. the rain in the northeast will move out as we go into later this morning into this afternoon. stormiest weather today will be along the south. you see the cloud-to-ground lightning, heavier downpours have moved out over the gulf of mexico right now but we have some areas of heavier rain across southeastern texas. this cold front is moving eastward, it's warm and humid, a lot of these downpours contain a lot of moisture. that means we could see flash flooding possible because inches of rain could fall in a short period of time. as we go into tomorrow, even though this front moves eastward we're going to lose the severe threat with these storms, while we could see isolated stronger thunderstorms today through the southeast, our biggest threat would be for some medium-sized hail andam
7:19 am
we're not looking at many tornados possible today. that's the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. . good morning, a lot of clouds and fog around the d.c. metro area. no rain, a few spring dls in the mountains of west virginia. those will be trying in our direction. so we will continue to bring a 30% chance for more showers around midday early afternoon before things dry out later on today. right now we are in the low to mid-60sh
7:20 am
we should make in the the 80s with sunshine coming back, especially mid to late afternoon. another slight chance for shower tomorrow. that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. a terrifying accident on the opening day of a brand new water park, a ten-year-old flung from a slide on to the concrete. the latest on how he is doing and what the park is doing so it doesn't happen again. how could they impact your dream vacation? a firsthand look at major security changes at iconic spots around the world in wake of recent terror attacks. but first this is "today" on nbc. f terror
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just ahead, like the just ahead, like the feeling of a long holiday weekend? what you can try during a regular weekend to make your saturdays and sundays seem to last longer. >> and naill horan treats you to a concert. but first, your local news.
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today only, all military and veterans enjoy 20% off in store. good morning, it's 7:26 on this monday, may 29, 2017, today is memorial day. i'm molette green. >> here's what's happening. lots of people crowding the national mall for the national memorial day parade. the parade starts at 2:00 but road closures are starting around 9:00. don't pry to park or drive on constitution avenue and if you want to watch the parade, it's on constitution between 7th and 17th street in northwest. everything should be cleared by about 5:00 tonight. >> there are also events happening to remember our fallen soldiers today. at arlington national cemetery, volunteers are handing out 30,000 roses. this is happening near section 60 where hundreds ofoo
7:27 am
in iraq and afghanistan are interred. volunteers also placing roses -- they placed roses on graves yesterday. president trump will also visit the cemetery today to lay a wreath and make an address. if you're planning a barbecue, we turn to chuck bell. he'll have your forecast coming right up. >> no pressure. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses.
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ good morning, there's a check of current temperatures across the area with clouds and fog around outside. we're in the low to mid-60s so a humid and mild start to the day today. as you're planning it out, a lot of clouds but we will get breaks of sunshine before lunchtime today. there's still a risk of a passing shower, but once we get the sun back out, things will be on the up and up around here. so enjoy it. highs today in the low 80s, back in the low 80s tomorrow. another chance for showers late
7:29 am
then wednesday and thursday, sunshine, back with temperatures around 80. >> chuck, thank you very much. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> now back to the "today" show.
7:30 am
7:30 now on memorial day, monday morning, may 29, 2017. i tell you what, our crowd has been lined up through the night stretching for blocks around the plaza for a special live concert from niall horan. he'll take the stage for a full half hour of music one hour from now. >> and that song will be in your head for the rest of the week. craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones. matt and savannah taking a well deserved day off. president trump is throwing his support behind jared kushner telling the "new york times" he is doing a great job and has his total confidence. that statement coming as kushner comes under scrutiny in the fbi's russia investigation and am
7:31 am
tried to establish a back channel communication line with moscow. meantime, the president will observe memorial day with a trip to arlington national cemetery. he'll place pa wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and speak at a remembrance ceremony. and there was a frightening crash at the indianapolis 500. scott dixon collided and went air born. he landed on top of the inside retaining wall, he spun and flipped several more times before eventually coming to a stop. that car was split in two but thankfully the top remained intact and dixon was able to climb out on his own. he walked to a waiting ambulance and was released from the hospital. as for the race itself. takuma sato became the first asian born driver ever to win the famed race. >> thankfully he is okay. on a long holiday weekend a a lot of families head
7:32 am
parks. one in california took a shocking turn when a boy was flung from a giant slide. steve patterson has more on that. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. well, you can see it behind me, the slide that boy was on was nearly 50 feet tall featuring an 80-degree drop. thankfully it was towards the end of the ride where the boy slid off. but he was moving fast when he hit the pavement. a trip to a brand-new water park this holiday weekend takes a horrifying turn and the whole thing is caught on camera. a 10-year-old sliding off the end of a three-story water slide at california's the wave water park and slamming into the ground at high speed. >> i thought he was dead at first. he hit the ground pretty hard. you can hear it. >> reporter: incredibly, the boy gets back up, escaping the spill with minor injuries that were treated at a local hospital. >> he did have some scraping on his back and, you know, once again, we check them out fully and he was talking to us and laughing
7:33 am
good spirits. >> reporter: this is the latest in a series of recent accidents at water parks across the country. last summer, a 10-year-old kansas boy, caleb schwab, was killed going down the world's tallest water slide at schlitterbahn water park. his family received a $20 million settlement just this month. some parents wondering who is holding the parks accountable. >> there are no federal regulations or reporting requirements for amunt parks or water parks. >> reporter: 24 states, including california, have comprehensive state inspection programs. other states leave oversight to the private sector or have minimal requirements. six states have no regulations at all. >> safety first everything we do. we've been testing that slide for a manner of a couple weeks. those slides were certified yesterday by the state of california. more than 4,200 people a year are taken to the e.r. for injuries suffered on public water slides. this weekend a stark remr
7:34 am
worse. the chances of being seriously injured on a fixed-site amusement ride are about one in 16 million. thankfully, this weekend not included. that boy walking away with just minor injuries, scrapes, and bruises. guys? >> still scary, steve, thank you. how is your holiday forecast looking? we have someone here who knows the answer to that question. >> i do have that answer for you guys. in the northwest it will be quite hot. summer-like heat with temperatures well above average but notice where the jet stream is lined up through the middle of the country so the heat is down south and out west but cooler-than-average temperatures affecting the northern plains, the midwest and also the northeast as well. by the time we get to june, which is right around the corner, we'll continue with cooler temperatures in the eastern half of the country then out west, the warm up. so walla walla, washington, 93 degrees, seattle 78 degrees, temperatures running well above
7:35 am
middle of the week, you'll see them drop back down and seattle back into the 60s, spokane into the 70s. boise from 93 on tuesday down to 73 by thursday. in the northeast we're looking at highs topping out in the mid-730s, 54 in boston with clouds hanging on all day long and back to the 70s by the middle of the week. no that's the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> temperatures will make it into the 80s around here today. once we get sunshine to burn off these clouds and fog, we'll have a few isolated showers as we continue through the early afternoon. otherwise look at temperatures. mild start out there with temperatures in the 60s and again we will continue to warm up into the 80s. as i said, may have to dodge a shower as we get into the afternoon but otherwise it's not going to be a bad memorial day for getting outside, just keep an eye to the sky. for your forecast any time, check out the weather
7:36 am
cable. >> thank you, dylan. just ahead, prince charles's wife camilla opens up like never before. what she's revealing about what she calls one of the darkest periods of her life. but first, major security changes being put into place at some of the world's most iconic tourist destinations. how they'll impact the plans of americans traveling overseas this summer. right after this. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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7:41 am
firsthand. >> reporter: from london to paris to the pyramids of egypt, millions of americans' dream summer vacation overshadowed by an unwelcome travel companion -- fear. in manchester, the most recent atrocity targeted innocent victims and in london under big ben a lone terrorist in a car killed five, including an american. >> i heard the scream, i looked back and then i see that the car is on the pavement and i don't have time to do anything else. it was a very scary moment. >> reporter: we traveled to paris as the state department warns americans vacationing in europe to stay alert. 130 died here in a terrorist attack back in 2015. in 201683 million tourists traveled to france. did you worry about coming? >> no. >> reporter: that's fewer than in previous years so change are planned. visitors to paris will find the threat of terrorism changing the tourist experience itself and it's not ness
7:42 am
thing. beneath the eiffel tower, they're planning a huge wall of bulletproof glass. its architect showing me around. >> 70 millimeters of thickness, three meters high and we want to do i want as soon as possible. like make it part of the appearance. >> reporter: so you still g the incredible view. >> totally. >> reporter: you won't necessarily even know it's there. close by, vehicles will be banned. last year in nice, a jihadist drove a truck into crowds of vacationers killing 86. officials determined to prevent a repeat at this world famous landmark. so there will be no cars here at all? >> normal traffic will be abandoned. it will be quite a nice space actually in the end. >> reporter: there is a silver lining. the changes will make the eiffel tower experience better. i love the idea that you're bringing the romance back. >> it's going to be a different experience, actually, yes. it's going to be a nice place. >> reporter: meanwhile, the french say, while bookings
7:43 am
attack, americans quickly return. >> we have very strong and good signs coming from the american people so i say thank you to them, you are still coming more and more. >> reporter: next we flew to egypt, country of wonder and magic. they're facing far greater challenges, political turmoil, extremist violence and fewer tourists. in 2010, tourism to egypt brought in $12.5 billion. last year that was down to $3.4 billion. among those still determined to come, a family slaalt lake city >> it's great to be here without the crowds. >> reporter: do you feel safe here? >> absolutely. when we came through the airport there was less problems than tsa gives us. >> reporter: last year, an egyptair flight enroute to cairo crashed into the mediterranean. the cause still unknown. while in 2015 an isis bomb on a flight from egypt killed
7:44 am
passengers and seven crew. high security at cairo's international airport, officials came to show us their extensive check. >> this is before i've even checked in. >> reporter: one passenger pulled aside carrying parts for a pasta machine. >> we have to check this. we passed brand new equipment while enroute to the new york gate. we checked again and monitored on security cameras. egypt's government, criticized for hardline policies towards opposition is widely praised for its tough approach to terrorism. here, too, they say, the tourists are returning. welcome news. >> if ordinary people decide not to move then terrorists will have won the battle. >> reporter: americans who travel on the front line confronting fear, helping the word seem a little less divided. for today, keir simmons, nbc news. >> very
7:45 am
>> i was coming back from amman, jordan, last week, and not one, not two, not three, four separate checks before we got on the plane. the last check right before we boarded. i have never been check sod thoroughly. >> really? >> i have never felt safer getting on a flight. >> four checks. >> four separate checks. up next, dylan has moved over to the orange room for a white house mystery. just what is that black-and-red light? we'll talk about it. but first, these messages. it'sg you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection
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[ cheers and applause ] we are back at 7:50. carson is enjoying time off this memorial day so dylan is pulling double duty. and there's a mystery at the white house? >> there is, let's take a quick look at the white house this morning. everything seems to be as expected but that wasn't the case sunday night. here's what the white house looked like last night. you can see in the top right-hand corner there around 8:30 there was a mysterious red light flashing on and off in the second floor window. the red strobe effect went on for about 20 minutes before turning off completely. there is no word yet on why the light was flashing but, of course, that didn't stop social media users from coming up with their own theories, joe tweeting "just having a little dance party." robert took the more, i'd
7:51 am
looks like light from an emergency vehicle, police car fire truck, et cetera, reflecting off the glass. so that could be the case. >> but there's nothing outside. >> people were saying we would see it on the white part of the house, too, but if you look at it long enough, i agree. we reached out to the white house for comment but they have not replied back to us so as of this morning the red light mystery lives on. >> wouldn't you see a little bit of it on the white. >> well, not if it was that far away because the glass would reflect it more. i don't know if it's close enough. >> so no dance party? >> and the plot thickens. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, what you need to try that can make every weekend feel like a long one. >> wouldn't that be nice? we have a very happy holiday crowd on the plaza, niall horan about to put on a live concert but first your local news. ileai live concert.
7:52 am
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it's 7:56 on this monday, may 29, 2017. i'm molette green. today is memorial day and with the holiday a lot of things are closed, the federal government, most banks are closed. there's no mail delivery except express mail today. on the roads, lane restrictions won't be in effect on 395, 66 and the dallas toll road or i-270. the 95 express lanes will be open to northbound travelers in virginia all day long. metro is running on a holiday schedule and opens at 7:00 a.m. parking will be free at all metro lots. the national memorial day parade is today lauryn ricketts will show us the weather forecast next.
7:57 am
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we've got a few showers out there just to the west and it's dissipating but definitely some fog and mist. we could have a shower through the middle portion of the day, highly isolated, hit or miss, temperatures low to mid-80s today. more showers possible tomorrow afternoon wednesday and thursday looking a lot better. now back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it's it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, train tragedy. >> people that were willing to put themselves in harm's way just on their daily commute. >> two men stabbed and killed on board a portland, oregon, train. what we're learning about the suspect and the fallen heroes who tried to stop him. plus, style and substance. >> we knew we had something special. >> on this memorial day, a look at two sisters teaming up to employ vets by repurposing military surplus into high fashion. and niall horan. ♪ if the whole world was watching, i'd still dance with you ♪ >> the pop superstar hits our
8:01 am
fans can't wait. today, monday, may 29, 2017. [ cheers and applause ] >> you guys, it's niall live on the plaza! where are you from? >> we flew all the way from charlotte! >> just to see niall! >> who do you love? >> we love niall! [ cheers and applause ] >> where did you guys come in from? >> we drove all the way from maryland to see niall on "today." >> you look like you're ready for the weather. >> rain or shine we're here for niall! >> we love niall! we love niall! [ cheers and applause ] and welcome back to "today" on this memorial day, monday morning. the usual gang has the morning off. oh, and by the
8:02 am
few hundred of our closest friends. my goodness. this is quite a crowd. >> they've been out here for days for this concert. >> well, at least the rain stopped for now, right? >> i think we might be okay. the poncho cans come off. the tarp cans come off. >> i'm glad you said that. folks have been complaining about that. the folks will come down when niall takes the stage. >> first, let's get a check of the morning's top stories. it's time for your news at o'clock. >> reporter: i'm kristen welker at the white house where president trump has returned from his first foreign trip and is bracing for battle after the "washington post" reported his son-in-law jared kushner tried to set up a back channel to communicate with the russians in december. that's before the inauguration. kushner now is a focus in the russian investigation but not the subject of it. a source familiar with the thinking inside the white house says a few people have suggested kushner should lay low. as for kushner, he's focused on work and is eager to cooperate with any investigation.
8:03 am
with the matter. despite about any because of him laying low, there's no indication the president shares that view. today mr. trump defending him to the "new york times" saying "jared is doing a great job for the country" and he has total confidence in him. as for strategy, the white house is setting up a warm room to respond to the russia controversy and the president is expected to hit the road and focus on his domestic agenda. the president also may have roiled allies abroad by scolding nato members for not paying their fair share. german chancellor angela merkel saying over the weekend "we europeans must take our own destiny into our own hands." as for today, the president will try to keep the focus on memorial day. he'll lay a reeth at arlington national cemetery and then deliver remarks. sheinelle. >> kristen, thank you. we're hearing from one of the young women who says he was the target of anti-ms. lincoln tunnel slurs before a deadly confrontan.
8:04 am
in oregon. now the good samaritans who tried to help are being honored for their courage. >> your son was amazing because he saved the lives of probably two muslim women. >> reporter: a surge of emotions marked by fresh tragedy. the portland community coming together to honor the heroics of two men killed and another injured during a stabbing on board a commuter train. >> we lost two great humans. people that were willing to put themselves in harm's way just on their daily commute. >> reporter: 53-year-old army veteran rick best died along with 23-year-old taliesin myrddin namkai meche, remembered by his sister through tears. >> everything he did in his life he had purpose. >> one was stabbed in the deck, the other in the stomach. >> reporter: the brutal train attack happened friday during the afternoon rush when a passenger, identified as 35-year-old jeremy christian, suddenly went on a hate-filled tirade, according to witnesses spewing anti-muslim remarks as
8:05 am
the rant prompting the three men to confront christian who police say pulled a knife. >> they lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we looked. >> reporter: this morning in an interview with portland's fox 12, one of the teens allegedly targeted by christian's hateful words expressing gratitude for the men who came to their defense. >> i just want to say thank you to them and their families and appreciate them because without them we probably would be dead right now. >> reporter: her appreciation echoing across an entire city. the surviving victim, 21-year-old mica fletcher, is recovering from his injuries in a portland hospital. as for the suspect, he has a criminal record with convictions for robbery and kidnapping and a history of hate speech on social media. dramatic video surfaced showing a terrifying encounter between a kayaker and a great
8:06 am
he says it was like a horror movie. he was paddling in california's monterey bay in march. he was rammed by the shark. you can see it there. he was thrown into the water with the shark a few feet away chewing on his kayak. he waved for help until a small sailboat came to his rescue. he managed to survive with just a few bruises. he even got his kayak back. coming up, former defense secretary donald rumsfeld opens up about his new mission. and prince charles's wife camilla speaks out in a rare interview. the surprising thing she's saying about the public scrutiny she faced. and our plaza is packed for a live convert from music sensation niall horan but first, these messages. dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara®
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8:10 am
we're back now at 8:09. let's look at what's trending today. >> we'll kick off memorial day trending with the secret to making your long weekend feel longer. a stanford university professor tells "new york" magazine that the key is trying something new. he says that's why your days fly by faster as an adult than when you were a kid. children are constantly trying new things, laying down memories for those experiences. >> i can see that. >> we took our kids to a water park this weekend. >> and it made the weekend feel longer. [ laughter ] and hearing them express that joy, those squeals for the first time, that was something. now to a couple of drone videos buzzing online. the first one from a soccer game. look at this. this is a man riding a drone. he was at the portuguese cup final. >> that doesn't look safe. >> he surf
8:11 am
hoverboard. he delicately lands in front of the referee to deliver the game's soccer ball. >> kids, don't try that at home. >> if you need further convincing drones are making their way into our everyday lives, look at this one. here's a video of a drone picking up fast food from a kfc drive through. a new zealand blogger pulled off the epic stunt. he attaches his order and money to the drone and flies it over a park to a nearby kfc. he worked with the store managers and safety officials to ensure it went smoothly. look at this. success. his order is placed back on the drone, eventually making it right back to him. >> he gets his chicken. >> in new york that's called team work. baseball season as you know now in full swing and for all those little league parents who have a shelf full of participation trophies, you may find this refreshing. washington nationals star bryce harper sat down with a little league team and gave them some competitive advice.
8:12 am
>> it's okay. no participation trophies, first place only, all right? >> and they clapped. the kids seemed to agree. what do you think? participation trophies or no? >> i was the one who got the participation trophy so i'm all for those. >> i don't believe in participation trophies. >> we used to get a ribbon for participation and trophies for first, second and third. that's fair? >> my little league you got nothing unless you won. >> you have to work harder. >> you know who deserves a trophy? this college baseball player for his adorable hand shake routine with the young batboy. his name is aaron mayer. he plays for east tennessee state isn't that cool? >> that's the best! >> we should have a hand shake like
8:13 am
>> can we try it? we'd break your back. >> no, you guys are light. let's get over to pop start. we begin with camilla, the du h duchess of cornwall. she opens up about her highly publicize aid fair with prince charles. she talks to the "daily mail" about her relationship with her husband while they both were married and how the media storm surrounding it affected her life. she says "for about a year i couldn't go anywhere. it was hard. it was a deeply unpleasant time and i wouldn't want to put my worst enemies through it. i couldn't have survived it without my family." she says her children came and went as normal while she passed the time reading and learning to paint. now to how the stars are spending memorial day weekend. there was not one but two celebrity weddings. emmy rossom tied the knot and miranda kerr married the snapchat ceo in los angeles.
8:14 am
kourtney kardashian soaked up the sun in a yacht and neil patrick harris took his son to their first baseball game. they're cheering on the yankees and dancing to k"whoop there it is. and juin timberlake and jimmy chem m kimmel spent their weekend biking through the hamptons. >> biking through the hamptons, so beautiful. wait -- what? >> bro bikers! >> their bro biking adventure quickly going viral. the hilarious video continued with them riding back and forth down the street. >> that will become a thing. >> sheinelle has ridden a bike like that. >> she steered me right into the ditch. >> i couldn't touch the
8:15 am
in my defense. >> and you were on set, too. >> i was hiding my pregnancy, i said sheinelle, we can't fall over. >> i was so nervous. i was like baby on board. calvin is just fine. >> take off the pop star hat and put on the meteorology hat. >> i forgot i had to do weather! >> good sign. >> we have heavy rain moving over the gulf of mexico. that's good news for the southeastern parts of texas because you're not seeing nasty storms moving through. heavier pockets of rain appro h approacngewe it will come down hard. for your memorial day we'll see some of our wettest wetter across the gulf coast. that could cause some delays, also northern new england is where we'll see another round. keep in mind if you're traveling along i-10, from dallas to houston you could see delays, i-90 across new york state you could see some delays because of the heavier rain, you see it across upstate new york as well. th
8:16 am
severe storms. not an outbreak but still some that could produce heavier downpours, the brief gusty winds and not rad hamoderate h to the midwest, cooler than average. in the pacific northwest, enjoy the beautiful weather. that's the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. full cloud cover in washington but radar shows precious little in the way of a rain threat. rain chances are low for the remainder of the day. a 30% chance for a quick shower between maybe noon and 3:00. that's it. otherwise, it will be a nice day. temperatures in the mid-60s with the cloud cover but we should be back to plenty of sunshine for the middle parts of the afternoon. warmer today than the last few days. we may get up into the 80s by later this afternoon and another chance for a late day shower tomorrow. >> that's your latest forecast. craig? memorial day is a chance for a grateful non
8:17 am
that served this country so proudly. it's also a time for reflection. thinking about those who lost their lives in battle. there are a host of foundations doing good work to help support our military families and this morning former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld is here with ryan manyon to highlight the travis manyon foundation to highlight her brother to who died in iraq, the mission is to highlight young people in the military so they can engage in character building. i know there's been a movement afoot to remind folks that memorial day isn't just the unofficial start of summer. what is memorial day to secretary rumsfeld? >> for me it's a time when we remember the people who served and the people who've fallen and their families and the travis manyon foundationas
8:18 am
all across the country, they have presenters who go out from families and veterans to talk to people about it. i was one of the original sponsors of legislation for the all-volunteer military and we have the greatest military on the face of the earth but because they're volunteers and there's no draft. there are a lot of people who aren't connected so this foundation, the travis manyon foundation is particularly important because they connect people who may not have relatives in the military with the military and they get a chance to hear the stories of people who served. >> ryan, tell us about your brother, tell us about travis. >> my brother was my best friend. we're 15 months apart, grew up in a military family, my dad is a retired marine corps colonel so we understand the meaning of service. we understood it from a young age but it wasn't until he lost his life in 2007 that we
8:19 am
sacrifice and i always say travis would be very proud of the work that's happening at the travis manion foundation but he'd be upset to know that we named it that because like many men and women, they're humble and they want to get out there, they're the epitome of what servant leadership is about. >> i understand that you met at travis' graduation? >> it was at a wrestling match. >> he was a wrestler. >> and you were a wrestler. >> i was a broken down ex wrestler. that was a long time ago but i'm partial to wrestlers and he was a good one. >> i understand your foundation just announced a half million dollar donation to the ryan manion foundation. why this particular group? i want to ask you what that money will be used for. >> well, this particular group is doing something that's disticketive. it is connecting people who haven't served with
8:20 am
veterans who have served and i think that's particularly important. i've created in my mid-80s an app which is a winston churchill -- >> it's quite popular. >> you're so smart you could play it and win, i bet. >> i don't know about that. but all the funds from the winston churchill app that can be downloaded in -- on your iphone or ipad go into military charities and so the grant we're making to the travis manion foundation is -- some of the money is coming from that so play it, use down loads. >> tell your friends about it. >> tell your friends about it. i can shamelessly market the app. >> we'll let you do that today, actually. how will the money be used? >> the money will be used to continue to bridge the gap between the military and the civilian world. we're going to make sure we're training veterans and
8:21 am
and show the civic assets that they are and inspire the next generation. >> thank you both. sheinelle. >> thank you, craig. good cause. now to another way people are honoring our veterans. two sisters found a way to give unemployment veterans a chance while giving new life to some of the things they left behind in the military, here's tammy leitner. >> reporter: true style, these sisters find, can be camouflaged. >> our urban rucksack emily fashioned after her military rucksack. >> reporter: from a military family with a passion for passion. >> this is the same fabric our dad was wearing when he was in the army. so it's not the most recent cammo. >> reporter: emily and betsy municipal east coast founded sword & plow. >> the name comes from the phrase to turn swords into ploughshar ploha
8:22 am
new material. >> reporter: launched on kickstarter in 2013, they hit their goal for the first month in the first two hours. >> i had this idea, i told betsy about it. you were so excited. we knew we had something special and it was a really busy time because i was about to commission as a second lieutenant and i was a senior. we knew this is something we had to do. >> reporter: that's right. emily is among 65 veterans sword & plough has helped hire. while the ceo served with a special forces unit in afghanistan, betsy ran the business back home. >> on this big we incorporated parachutes. >> reporter: they're a tight-knit family woven into their work. >> our first bag mom helped design. >> reporter: so mom gets part of the credit for this? >> for sure. >> reporter: emily left the army to focus on the company. now with a fedex small business grant, they plan to hire more vets, helping more than
8:23 am
products find a new purpose. >> i felt like i didn't have a purpose so it's brought life back to me, and joy. >> reporter: shana roadenberg, an army machine gunner in afghanistan suffers post-traumatic stress disorder. now she fashions these shell casings into necklaces. >> hand making all of these pieces has been my therapy because i get to hammer out everything so i get all my aggression out and can current that into something beautiful. >> reporter: proving something's true strength comes from what makes it. >> i think it's been the biggest dream come true. >> reporter: for "today," tammy leitner, nbc news, denver. >> what a great idea. >> i was just about to say. >> what a fantastic idea. >> a win-win. let's hid outside to dylan. >> hey, guys, i've got big news, look who's joining me right now. [ cheers and applause ] two words, niall horan and the girls go wild.
8:24 am
stage for a live concert. we were going to walk but the girls are distracted and now they're taking pictures. i've lost control. first your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, 8:26 on this memorial day, monday, may 29, 2017, i'm adam tuss, here's what's happening. today's holiday honors the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country. at this hour, thousands of roses are being handed out to families at arlington national cemetery. later this morning, president trump will deliver his first memorial day address and lay a wreath at the cemetery. of course, a lot going on today. we want to get a check of your forecast. we'll check in with lauryn comingp xt.
8:27 am
you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america.
8:28 am
the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. good morning, everybody, cloudy outside, temperatures are in the low to mid-60s and there will be a chance for an isolated shower primarily during the early parts of the afternoon. not everyone will get rained on, rain chances 30%, very hit-and-miss, there will be enough sunshine to
8:29 am
by the pool, afternoon temperatures nice and warm, 84. >> jack, we'll hold you to it. get the latest weather any time on the nbc washington app. now back to the "today" show.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] 8:30 on this monday morning, memorial day, may 29, 2017. our crowd started gathering saturday and the moment they've been waiting for is almost here. niall horan is getting ready to take our concert stage. >> we haven't seen a crowd like this in a while. >> unbelievable. >> and the rain is holding off. >> now it's just showers, i'm sure you're used to rain. >> i'm
8:31 am
we have a number of folks in the military on this memorial day, a big shout out to them. thank you for stopping by, we have another big concert friday. country star thomas russell joins us and guess what? you could pick one of his songs. >> here are the choices, "it goes like this," "die a happy man," "make me wanna." just use the hashtag thomas rhett and we'll reveal that. >> the stanley cup finals begins in pittsburgh, the penguins taking on the predators. . the penguins going for back to back titles, the predators going for their first. you can catch that game one, 8:00 eastern on nbc. >> all right, dylan, before niall gets going and the rain gets going. >> the rain is trying to pick up but it's a couple scattered showers in the northeast. for the rest of your weekend we're going to see severe storms along the southeast, heavy rain through
8:32 am
as we get to the middle of the week we'll see showers continue in the northeast, still stormy down south, the middle of the country unsettled, temperatures in the 70s. we cool off in the northwest and by the time we get to the end of the week, widespread storms through the eastern half of the country. nothing severe, but we could see heavier rains and it looks nice and dry in the sunny southwest. that's the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. temperatures are in the 60s right now. we have a little mist, a little fog and we will get temperatures that warm up today. i believe there will be a small chance of a shower passing through the area. the national memorial day parade here in d.c. starts at 2:00, keep an eye to the sky or download the nbc washington app. maybe another chance of rain later tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening. >> announcer: the citi concert series on today is
8:33 am
okay, we're almost ready for our special holiday morning concert from niall horan. he embarked on a solo career less than a year ago and has two hit singles. before he performs, a little more on niall's new career direction. ya ♪ yeah, i want you, baby, slow hands, like sweat dripping do down ♪ >> this is the sound of niall horan, single artist, his new single "slow hands." ♪ funny how things never change in this old town ♪ >> on the heels of his debut song "this town" certified platinum in the u.s. and reached number one in more than 60 countries. ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ >> following his success with the pop sensation one direction, niall stepped out on his own and emerged as a musical force to be reckoned with, winning the 2016 people's choice
8:34 am
favorite breakout artist and now working on his debut solo album. but not before taking the stage for our citi concert series. he's ready and so are his fans. you guys ready? ladies and gentlemen, niall horan. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, new york. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we should take this back to my place ♪ that's what she said right to my face ♪ cause i want you bad, yeah, i want you baby ♪ i've been thinking about it all day ♪ and i hope you feel
8:35 am
w way, yeah ♪ because i want you bad, yeah, i want you baby ♪ ♪ slow, slow hands like sweat dripping down our ♪ dirty laundry, no chance that i'm leaving here ♪ without you on me, i know, yeahings i already know that ♪ there's no stopping your plans and those slow hands ♪ ♪ slow hands ♪ i just wanna take my time, we could do this baby ♪ all night, yeah p because i want you bad ♪ yeah i want you, baby ♪ s
8:36 am
dripping down ♪ our dirty laundry, no, no chance ♪ that i'm leaving here without you on me ♪ i, i know, yeah i already know that there's ♪ no stopping your plans and those slow hands ♪ ♪ fingertips putting on a show, got me now ♪ and i can't say no, wannabe with you ♪ all alone, take me home, take me home ♪ fingertips putting on a show, can't you tell that i want you ♪ baby ♪ slow hands, like sweat dripping down our ♪ dirty laundry, no, no chance that i'm leaving here ♪ without you on me, i know, yeah i already know that there's ♪ no stopping slow hands, like sweat dripping
8:37 am
chance ♪ that i'm leaving here without you on me ♪ i know, yeah i already know that there's no stopping ♪ your plans and those slow hands ♪ ♪ slow hands [ cheers and applause ] niall will be back with much more, but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ if the whole world was watching -- ♪ he's been part of one of the biggest groups in the world but clearly nile horan knows how to attract a crowd on his own. >> he just perform
8:40 am
"slow hands" and his full length debut album is due next year. >> and also graces the cover of the new issue of "billboard" magazine. you're having a heck of a roll, my man. >> it's been great. i'm so happy that i get to do this kind of thing and be on the cover of "billboard." it's not something i got used to. >> has going solo been what you expected it would be? >> it's obviously been different but i'm enjoying it everything is completely from me, every single lyric, every musical instrument is coming from me so i just enjoy that side of it. >> you already had two hit singles, people are wondering and waiting for a full-length album. can you tell us anything this morning? [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer with "slow hands" and doing tvs and interviews so i'll be busy. so hopefully when that ends i'll be able to do something in the al
8:41 am
are a little less pop-y and more rock. is that the genre you're interested in doing? >> i grew up on a lot of like old school '70s, '80s americcla rock so i nto do something that shows off what i was about and not try too hard to scare people away. >> i don't think you're doing that. what are you going to sing for us now? >> the next one is the first single called "this town." [ cheers and applause ] and before i start i would like to dedicate it to the people who lost their lives in manchester last week. it was a very sad thing so the least i can do is dedicate a song. >> very good. thank you, niall. >> niall horan, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ waking up to kiss
8:42 am
nobody's there ♪ the smell of your perfume still stuck in the air ♪ it's hard, yesterday i thought i saw your shadow ♪ running round, it's funny how things never change ♪ in this old town, so far from the stars ♪ and i want to tell you everything ♪ words i never got to say the first time around ♪ and i remember everything from when we were the children ♪ playing in this fairground, wish i was there with you now ♪ if the whole world was watching i'd still dance with you ♪ drive highways and byways to be there with you ♪ over and over
8:43 am
everything comes back to you ♪ ♪ i saw that you moved on with someone else ♪ in the pub that we met, he's got his arms around you ♪ it's so hard, so hard, and i want to tell you everything ♪ words i never got to say the first time around ♪ and i remember everything from when we were the children ♪ playing in this fairground, wish i was there with you ♪ now ♪ cause if the whole world was watching i'd still dance ♪ with you, drive highways and
8:44 am
♪ over and over the only truth, everything comes back to you ♪ ♪ you still make me nervous when you walk in the room ♪ them butterflies, they come alive when i'm next to you ♪ over and over the only truth, everything comes back to you ♪ ♪ and i know that it's wrong that i can't move on ♪ but there's something about you ♪ cause if the whole world was watching ♪ i'd still dance with you, drive highways and byways ♪ to be there with you, over and over the only truth ♪ everything comes
8:45 am
♪ you still make me nervous when you walk in the room ♪ them butterflies, they come alive when i'm next to you ♪ over and over the only truth, everything comes back to you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ everything comes back to y you ♪ thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> niall horan. thank you, sir. we're back with even more from niall in a moment but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants,
8:46 am
nti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. when you genuinely care about the people you serve, their safety comes first. that's why we ask you to put safety first. your life could depend on it. unplug devices that you aren't using.
8:47 am
any underground lines at least two days before you dig. novec wants everyone to be safe around electricity. from safety demonstrations, to safety tips on our website, at novec, it's "safety first." creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy. >> we are back on this memorial day
8:48 am
how about one more song from niall horan. [ cheers and applause ] >> performing his song "on the loose" once again, niall horan. ♪ ♪ ♪ i know what she's like, she's out of her mind ♪ and wraps herself around the truth photonote she'll jump on that flight and meet you that night ♪ make you tear up the room, yeah, she loves when ♪ everybody's watching, she knows the way her body moves ♪ she loves the way they all crawl back when she says ♪ she loves nobody else but you ♪ she's on the loose, she's coming, she's tc
8:49 am
she's coming for you ♪ she's on the loose, she's comi coming, she's coming for you ♪ she'll dance in the dark, a real work of art ♪ her eyes could burn down the room ♪ get out while you can, you don't understand ♪ she doesn't know how to loose, yes, she loves when ♪ everybody's watching, she knows the way her body ♪ moves, she loves the way they all crawl back when she says ♪ she loves nobody else but you, she's on the loose ♪ she's coming, she's on the loose, she's coming ♪ she's coming for you, she's on the loose, she's coming ♪ she's coming, she's coming for you s
8:50 am
pull you in tight ♪ then trade you in for something new ♪ i know what it's like, i fell for it twice ♪ and now i'm just warning you, she loves when everybody's ♪ watching, she loves the way her body moves ♪ she loves the way they all crawl back when she says ♪ she loves nobody else but you, she loves ♪ when everybody's watching, she knows the way her body moves ♪ she loves the way they all crawl back when she says ♪ she loves nobody else but you, she's on the loose ♪ she's coming for you, she's coming for you ♪ she's coming, she's on the loose, she's
8:51 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] not note. >> hear more from niall horan and all of our summer concert musicians at we're back with more, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back. lo welcome back. look at these signs, shall we celebrate a few birthdays, dill plan? >> i will gladly spin around that smucker's jar and say hello to edith barrett of hayes, kansas, wishing her a happy 100th birthday. she enjoys baking and is known around town for her famous pies. i'd love a pie right now. alvana mcdaniel is 100 years old from rosemart, tennessee. she was married to the love of her life for over 50 years. and happy 100th anniversary to anthony scimente of
8:54 am
and dean wilson is 101 years old, he says the secret to longevity is root beer floats. helen is a poet from california. after her kids graduated college, helen went back to school and received her bachelor's degree when she was 64. and a happy 100th birthday to phyllis ongert of omaha, nebraska. she loves to knit scars for her grand kids. happy one and all. >> you're being sung to! niall, thank you so much. this has been such a fun morning, you are so great. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. thank you, everyone for coming out. [ cheers and applause ] >> happy memorial day. >> i want to be that cool. >> i big old thanks to niall and a big thanks to you as well. [ cheers and applause ] for braving the rain. we are back after our local news. news. >> thank you.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning, it's 8:56 on this memorial day, monday, may 29, 2017. i i i'm molette green. with the holiday, a lot of things are closed today, the federal government and most banks, there's no mail delivery except express mail. on the roads, lane restrictions won't be in effect on 395, 66 and the dulles toll road
8:57 am
metro is running on a holiday schedule and it opened up at 7:00. parking will be free at all metro lots. stick with us, we'll get a check of the forecast when we come back. against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
8:58 am
8:59 am
a few rain showers out there earlier this morning. now we'll be down to a few through midday but a lot of fog and it's damp out there. but watch the time right here. we clear out a bit but hit or miss showers throughout the portion of your day. maybe download the nbc washington app if you are headed to barbecues or parades because we could have a few isolated showers. other than that, temperatures in the 80s but with enough sunshine that it will be cool mood weather and another chance of rain later tomorrow with temperatures in the 80s. molette? >> we'll take it, you can get the latest news and weather any time inside the nbc washington app.
9:00 am
this morning this morning on "today's take" cruising down memory lane with the cast of the iconic show "the love boat." plus a military homecoming unlike any other for a decorated war hero. and it's official, you can wear white, flattering fashion to heat up your summer style coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take." from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, may 29, 2017. oh, "america the beautiful." alicia keys and mr. ray charles. doesn't get better than that. let's bring that up just a little bit. ♪ god shed his grace on thee
9:01 am
next hour? good stuff, right? >> gets right into your system. >> my mother was the biggest ray charles fan. you'd come into the house and isobel always had raye on. on the hi-fi. >> well, that was just for you. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, oh, what a great piece. so we hope you're enjoying your memorial day morning. if you haven't hit the road, you'll be hitting the road or returning from a trip. according to aaa, nearly 40 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles during memorial day weekend. 88% of you driving. >> wow. >> where is everybody going? >> good question. >> it's memorial day weekend, i have to go somewhere. i don't care where. >> everybody's driving, everybody's doing something. you feel like a loser if you don't go. you have to do something. >> did you have a favorite road trip growing up? >> we didn't take too many road
9:02 am
trips. we did a bear mountain, which is north of new york city. but growing up in queens, bear mountain which is in like rockland county was going upstate. and my dad would organize all the other family members, other families that were going so it was a caravan of station wagons and you had better be at your assigned intersection at a certain time or we were leaving you. you didn't get there early enough, you didn't get the good picnic table near the parking lot. >> and no cell phones if you were running late. >> you just kept going. >> what about you? >> my favorite trips i'd say were driving across country with my dad. he and i had driven across country several times but there were road trips down to florida we would take every year and driving in the backseat of an old cad lablg wiillac with my b one side i was stuck in the middle. you saw that face a lot. my dad is driving in the front, i'm miserable. they would also like to play pranks on me while i was sleeping. i think we have another picture of my brother actually
9:03 am
do you know what that is -- >> is that a walkman? >> it's rocket rocker. do you remember those? >> no. >> they had two songs on them. it was a fat square little tape -- >> yes! >> i had "man iic monday" on on side and "walk like an egyptian" on the other. >> it was called a pocket rocker? >> a pocket rocker. >> good stuff. >> you can't top that. [ laughter ] >> how about you? >> here's the thing, we took a lot of road trips as a kid but can i tell you, the best part to me -- don't judge -- my step dad used to have a big old blue van and we had these big -- i guess a ledge where you could sit up in it and all of the windows had these plug ins with the big thick earphones. real big thick ones. >> is this a ride or a vehicle? >> that vans a-rocking. >> we would sit in the driveway before we would go anywhere because we didn't have seat belts. we didn't go anywhe
9:04 am
would act like we were listening to stuff and look out the window and go "this is fun." except we wouldn't be moving. we would do that kind of stuff all the time "where are we going to go today?" >> but that's the best part of childhood. >> we never went anywhere. i did a lot of awesome trips but that's not what i remember. i remember sitting in the driveway with those big thick ear phones not listening to anything and looking out the window. and we would do -- >> we did take one road trip. we didn't have a lot of cash but we went to expo '67 in montreal and we took my grandmother, my mother's mother, who is from jamaica and somehow never had her passport because she never went anywhere so my father said "when we get to the border, we're all americans." [ laughter ] and of course -- >> what happened? >> my grandmoer goes "jamaica." >> excuse me? >> she's old, old lady. old. little confused.
9:05 am
>> yeah, it did. >> can you imagine 2017? >> that was 1967. >> that's awesome. >> that's great. >> this one is interesting. a recent article in the "wall street journal" suggests you should let your kids help plan your vacation. >> why? >> well, it says giving the kids a voice in travel will help keep them excited and interested. >> hmm. i don't think my kids are old enough. >> what would they choose if you were to ask them? >> i don't know. >> sit in the van with headphones on. >> not going anywhere. that's great. we had buffalo that lived across the street so -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> she grew up in kansas. >> i understand that, but annie oakley, buffalo? >> sure. >> roaming wild? ♪ oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam ♪ >> was it a ranch? >> on the corner there was a school, sunrise academy and that was their mascot. and then across the street -- >> so buffalo would literally
9:06 am
there are houses and all that kind of stuff. the buffalo roam, that's what they do. what was our point? what was we talking about? >> i don't think we had one. oh, letting your kids pick their vacation. >> my nieces and nephews planned their summer vacation. they wanted to go to mt. rushmore so they ended up flying in and visiting mt. rushmore. >> that's a good idea. >> i used to -- when i first heard this, i pooh-poohed it but if kids are into it and there's a reason, why not. >> at first i was like, you little snot, we're going to go where i say to go. >> wow, what's it really like at home, sheinelle? >> well, they would be like "i want to go here, i want to go there." it doesn't have to be that energy. >> you know, when you do the voices -- >> why are they so mean? >> you little snot? >> when i first read the study i thought it meant let the kids plan -- you know what i mean? >> i thi a
9:07 am
thing. >> but the way you explained it -- >> that's much better. we could have done that before we came on the air. >> before we judged. >> so what do you think calvin might want to choose? for example would he go to oatmeal land? >> we're trying to transition to this video of calvin trying oatmeal for the first time. wait until after he tries it. it's worth it, trust me, he gives a little shake. watch, watch. >> ew. ew. >> did he like it? >> he did a little shudder there. >> i tasted it, it tasted gross, i couldn't blame him. we tried it again later and he was okay. >> really? >> he looks pretty excited about the second spoon. >> i think he likes the spoon, he doesn't like what's on it. >> it all ended up here. >> putting the hands up. "hey, hey. i'm going to remember this, lady." >> he could not be more
9:08 am
adorable. >> he looks excited about it right at the beginning. >> he has no idea what's cogogo to happen. >> lately i've been giving him a taste of a shake with banana and mango so he's thinking he's getting a banana mango shake. >> and then he's like what the heck? >> and then the shake. >> had to shake that one off. >> that was good. >> speaking of maybe getting the shakes, memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer, that also means it's the official start of popsicle season. the new popsicle on the market this year is called pickle ice. >> this sounds gross. >> it's a pop made out of pickle brine. i like pickle brine. it's in a squeezy thing. >> pickle juice is supposed to be good for you when you work out. >> oh, it smells like pickles! >> hence made out of pickle juice. >> i only lik
9:09 am
clausen. oh, calvin! wow! i see where he gets it. it's genetic. >> that's gross! that's horrible. >> if this were -- the only thing that could make this better is if it was bread-and-butter pickle juice. >> i don't like braed aead and butter. >> it's like a frozen pickle. >> it's really gross. >> you keep eating it. >> let's synchronize the two. >> it's really gross! i can't, i can't keep eating it. it's gross. >> you like it? >> this is not bad. up next, how about -- we're about to get grilled. it says get it? grilled. we're taking questions from our crowd and you never know what they might ask. after these messages. hat they might ask. after these messages.
9:10 am
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9:13 am
we are back with more of "today's take." i don't think this is high enough. we're calling this "we get grilled." wherever we have a celebrity on the show, we like to force them to play a game. >> well, if the word force wasn't in there, you put that in there. >> it said force! just roll the teleprompter back so she can see. we force them to play a game. roll the prompter back again so the audience at home can see it. >> oh, there you go. >> see the word force? >> see, boom, all right, thanks very much. thanks for playing our game, control room. [ laughter ] today in honor of your backyard barbecues we'll reverse this with a game we're calling "we get grilled." our produce
9:14 am
of questions, we'll pull them off this grill. all right. >> careful, it's hot. >> don't drop it, you'll get burned? >> here you go, sheinelle. >> paper on a grill is probably not the best idea. who has made you the most star-struck? john from dallas. >> who's john from dallas? oh, i thought that -- >> the most star struck, the very beginning, my first couple weeks here, quincy jones. >> i would say for you it would be -- >> tevin campbell would be -- >> every time a guy came on -- >> not just guys. >> well, she brought on guys she clearly had a crush on. >> bring on oprah, i'll show you surprise. >> how about you? >> i think my zac efron moment. >> what about you? >> halle berry. >> i can see that, too. >> is she as stunning in person? >> yes, she is. >> it's like staring at the sun. >> thathy
9:15 am
glasses. >> "what chore orrer ra errand hate doing in your free time?" oh, gosh. folding laundry, i hate -- i'll fold it, i hate putting it away. it ends up in a stack lined up along the wall. >> you're just going to use it again anyway. >> for me, dishes. i do not like doing dishes. if i never had to do dishes again -- >> that's the only reason i cook so somebody else has to clean up. >> i don't mind the dishes part. >> this is from robbie in texas. "what's the latest you can stay up at night to still come to work on time in the morning?" >> and be functional? >> yes, goes without saying. >> 11:00. >> if i have, like, something to do for fun i would say 10:00 but i've also stayed up all night to get to storm reports. >> if you have to. >> i go to bed
9:16 am
>> every night? >> yeah. >> how do you do it? >> well, have you seen me on tv? >> time for one more. >> one more. >> i think you have the tongs. that's tong. i saw your brain. >> "what is the best news/favorite story you've ever reported on." patti from ohio. >> looking at me? >> yeah. >> i would say when we did a mother's day shoot and i got to take my mom to costa rica to go white water rafting. >> so far here at the "today" show it was when dylan and i interned with rascal flatts. that was amazing. >> when i got to interview charles schultz. >> you did get very excited for that. >> that was fun. we hope you enjoyed what's going on around n our grill. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. we are tracking a couple chances for some showers around here today. nothing major. rain chances remaint
9:17 am
with the best chance of that happening about noon and 2:00 or 3:00. no washout coming. a lot of clouds outside, temperatures in the mid-60s. these clouds will give way to sunshine. hopefully a few breaks of sunshine before lunchtime and lots and lots of sunshine much later in the day today. today's high, 84, nice and warm, good for cookout weather later on. that's your latest weather. coming up next, it's officially time to start rocking the white wardrobe. we have the ultimate summer style guide to flatter your figure after this. >> what 1234
9:18 am
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9:21 am
so, . summer unofficially starts today and that means we are officially allowed to wear white. >> finally, but the light color can be intimidated to wear for some so we'll show you how to look white-hot with the help of "marie claire" senior fashion editor donna roberts rossi. good morning. >> good morning! there's no such thing as too much white this summer. >> that's good to hear. i have white skirts that i want to wear. >> you can wear it for work, you can wear it for a barbecue or a night out with the girls. >> speaking of business and work, you have business white with carla. >> businesste
9:22 am
is you want something that's a bit more tailored. you think about work and you think of white shirt this is a big trend. it's a high waist. it's super flattering. obviously the black pop of shoes keeping it super fitted but think about something structured and a heavier pan fabric. nothing worse than thin see through white fabric. this is mango. you can pop this jacket on with a pair with t-shirts and sneakers. thank you so much. >> kayani is our next model wearing a nice girly feminine white. >> i love feminine white. girls can wear white.
9:23 am
it's 100% cot on. it hits perfectly on the leg and just a little black detail is really elevating. >> this is great for a barbecue but ketchup, mustard? how do you keep your whites clean? >> there's a few good tips. o o one, always the back of c. the back of the fabric, treat the stain from outside in. also good stain removal tips on a web site that can remove any stei stein. >> look at the jump suit feel. the cropped pant with the black accessory, you want something
9:24 am
older. ali is definitely rocking it with the gold jewelry. tight white dress, stay away. >> and what about the guys? >> the guys, well, the you were wearing white pants. >> i was, i was going out there selling ice cream. >> we have jared, white is probably a trickier look for guys to wear so let's start and piece it up with a nice blue shirt, white jeans, think about three things -- fit, size up not down so if you usually a skinny, go slim, and then the crop at the ankle. this is the roj us in zone of the men. >> all right, thank you so much. just ahead, we have a great reunion 40 years in the making, the cast of "the love boat" together again after your local news and weathe eather.
9:25 am
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♪ good morning, 9:26 on this memorial day for 2017. preparations are under way for the national memorial day parade in the district. road closures in place, 17th street and constitution northwest. several other roads will be shut down starting around 1:00. and floats and marching bands are taking over the streets of rockville, a ceremony to mark the holiday is under way at this hour. it will be followed by the parade at 10:00 in the morning. our own melissa mollet is in rockville. we'll get a check of your memorial day forecast next when we come back. stay with us.
9:27 am
head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway. me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war.
9:28 am
and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. . good morning, outside it's the upper 60s to 70 degrees. a lot of clouds around right now. these clouds will thin out by later this morning and into the afternoon. here's future weather. by 1:00 there could be a stray, short lived rain shower coming through the area. but otherwise we should be getting back to a fair amount of sunshine by later on in the morning and
9:29 am
highs today with sunshine back into the 80s same story again for tomorrow. dry weather wednesday and thursday. >> thank you very much. latest news and weather any time on our nbc washington app.
9:30 am
it's time to show some love for the cast of "the love boat." for ten seasons it made fans want to hop on. it promised something for everyone, romance, adventure and love. >> the show debuted 40 years ago. we caught up with the cast, gavin mcleod, bernie co-pekopel isaac washington was the bartender, lauren tewes plays cruise director and the purser, gopher, played by fred grandy. gavin, let me start with you. why do you think the show captured so many imaginations 40 years ago. this was a huge hit. >> well, it was never done on televisn
9:31 am
cruise ship with over a thousand guest stars traveling all over the world and it had three different kinds of stories and it was very -- the happy endings are something that people love. i've always loved that as a viewer and people love happy endings and that was one of the goals aaron spelling had in putting this show together. i think -- and then we were able to bring the world to television viewers because after the first few years we went all over europe and, you know, china and just name it and that's where we were representing the united states and having a great time. as a result, people wanted to take cruises and we started with two small ships and princess cruises now has eight fabulous magnificent ships with two more on the way. it's only successful because it's giving people what they want. i was yuck whoung when i startef
9:32 am
>> i never had hair. >> we remember. >> i have to tell al about that. >> never correct a guest. >> the hair you had you bought. >> it's still in the closet somewhere. >> what did critics think of this show? >> they hated it. >> they hated it? >> absolutely vilified. >> it they said it was going to sink like the "titanic." >> that's vicious. >> it didn't. >> no, it went on for ten seasons. jill, you grew up in front of our eyes during this show. >> i did. this's fun at 13. >> were there any downsides to it? >> you know, there really -- other than going through puberty on television -- >> that's a down side. >> yeah, that wasn't fun but working with these people who are truly such -- well, and the feeling is so mutual, i'm so lucky to be with these people. >> what is it like when you guys all come together? is it a sense of nostalgia? do you miss the old days? >> without a doubt. >> it's the gift that
9:33 am
giving, and it's giving right now. >> and you guys, just jump in, people still come up to you on the street. what do they say to you? >> they say "we watched it with our grandparents." >> but it's true. >> it was a family thing. >> some people say "have you got any loose change?" >> or "fix me a drink." >> are you a decent drink maker? >> no, i'm not decent. i go overboard. for some reason, people like that when you -- >> yeah. >> you have a drink that you made up on that's on the princess ships now. >> yeah, there's an isaac washington drunk. >> what's in. >> it and there's an isaac dance, too. >> well, we want to play -- we always like to play a little game here so we've got cubes with your faces on them so we want to ask a few questions. who amongst the crew was most likely to have a messy cabin. >> oh. we've got a doc -- >> a mix here. >> one
9:34 am
[ laughter ] >> i had to be neat because was psian. >> that's true. who always nailed their lines? >> ooh! >> that's me. [ laughter ] >> everybody takes credit for that one. >> i think jill. >> the cube is tough. it's hard to find -- >> it's like a rubik's cube with your face on it. a lot of people say captain stubing. who played shuffleboard all day. >> none of us! >> none of you did? >> which cast member was most likely to fan girl or fan boy over a guest star? >> oh -- i like trying to see everybody's -- wow! a lot of people say gavin. and how many of you still remember the lyrics to the theme? >> ooh. maybe? >> jack jones? >> we know it. >> just a little going out. ♪ love, exciting and new, come aboard
9:35 am
♪ and love -- >> and that's where it all goes downhill. we want to thank you all for being here. thank you, we salute you for all the memories. >> thank you, al. >> happy 40th anniversary. >> thank you. >> i love them. we should mention gavin and jill are paid ambassadors for princess cruises and the other cast members have been spokespeople in the past. and we are cruising next into the kitchen for some memorial day grilling. two texas smoke masters have a rib recipe you'll want to try out today right after this. smo rib recipe you'll want to try out today, next. it's 80% smaller, but just as effective at supporting range of motion and shows improved joint comfort in seven days. which means you're in big trouble, son. you will bow to my exquisite short game. cower at my majestic drives. i will make you question everything, son. so don't worry about dad's joints. worry about your dignity. love, dad. 80% smaller, just as effective. osteo bi-flex ease.
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9:39 am
so it's memorial day. maybe you're thinking of grilling ribs. have we got a recipe for you. father and son duo robbie schultz are owners of bear creek smoke house. five generations of food, family. guys, good to see you. >> that's right, al. >> thanks for being here. happy memorial day. >> we're going to cook up for memorial day some great texas style ribs, right? >> so you have different spices here. >> we do. >> we'll be putting on t
9:40 am
that noise. >> we have all the different spices here. we recommend starting out with ban biback ribs. we have salt, pepper, ground mustards, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne and smoked paprika. >> we'll give it a quick start. >> do you put sugar in here? >> that's a little bit after. we'll put this on first and then we'll top with brown sugar. >> on your ribs, do you pull the membrane off the back? >> you can if you buy them from a local butcher shop you can ask your butcher to pull the membrane off. if not, you can do it yourself. we're going to rub it in really good. what we'll do next, al is take brown sugar. then after the brown sugar, we'll take them and put them in the ovent
9:41 am
>> and if you want to do --? a smoker, it would be into -- in your smoker? >> you could do them in a smoker, just use damp woodchips that give them that nice smoked flavor. >> so you put them in. >> and then they come out looking like this. then we throw them on a grill for about ten minutes or until they're browned on both sides. and then they'll come out looking like this right year? so that sugar kind of caramelize s. >> and then the barbecue sauce. tender falling off the bone. >> very nice, we'll try that. now what is this you're making next? >> that's a layered salad. using all fresh ingredients, we have a head of iceberg lettuce, green bell pepper, we'll add a layer of celery and then a layer of red onions. hunter, you want to add the rest of the ingredients? >> yes, sir. after that comes the
9:42 am
then we're going to add lemon juice, green peas. >> and it's great because right now fresh peas from in season. >> you bet. now what we do next actually is we would put the mayonnaise on top of this. we've got one here. >> that's mayonnaise? >> we cover that, pull it out of the refrigerator and this is what it would look like when we bring it out. we want to chill it overnight. then hunter if you want to help me, we'll add a little bit of cheddar cheese and bacon bits sfo-to-the top of it and this baby is ready to go. >> is it bad that i'm pushing the mayonnaise salad on to my fork with the ribs? >> it's a good move. >> so there you have it, there's the finished product. >> when people go in they get a little bit of everything. >> you bet. >> what's for dessert? >> we have peach
9:43 am
>> did you know we have fresh peaches on our trees in texas. >> i do not know that. >> we're already pulling them off the tree. >> how sweet are they? >> extra sweet. >> sweeter than you. >> and that's pretty sweet. guys, thank you so much for sharing and for the recipes go to that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the ribs. >> and that is that's the latest
9:44 am
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brave men and women who served our nation, but especially on memorial day. >> so we wanted to share the story of one very special veteran and his family. zach reiner is a dedicated air force war hero based in north carolina and served our nation through six deployments. >> but in the years since, stuffing a traumatic injury on the battlefield, zach has struggled to feel at home, until now. for air force veteran zach, this is no ordinary memorial day weekend. it's a time to reflect on fallen comrades. >> for me it's remembering those that have died. the brothers i've served with. >> and a time for something more -- coming home. reiner, the recipient of three purple hearts, a bronze star and the air force cross, has technically been home on u.s. soil for four years. his femur and sciatic nerve were shattered in afghanistan in a deadly fire fight. it was his sixth deployment and one that nearly cost him his life. >> he did almost die on the
9:49 am
helicopter. there was a specific nurse that held his wound down with her body so he didn't bleed out. >> zach was airlifted to germany then walter read, but while he was physically back in his homeland he struggled to feel at home in the wake of a forced military retirement. >> it was all i knew so it was hard for me to make that a transition. especially when you have a life changing injury. >> each day was a battle both physically and emotionally for. the wounds took more than a year to heal. >> i contemplated suicide. i was an incredible amount of pain. >> helping him through it all then-girlfriend jillian whom he proposed to from his hospital bed.
9:50 am
>> he said "i don't think it's fair to do this without you knowing how i feel about you." >> then rhyner's life changing decision to pursue a career in medical care. >> i'd like to get a job working with the v.a., that would be the ultimate goal. >> and then the final moment of magic that would make this decorated soldier feel at home again, an organize called helping a hero heard rhyner's story and elected to help him and his family make a fresh start in the form of a new custom-designed house. >> it's a major problem that these woishz are forgotten about. we want to make sure they are not able to have to have so much attention on where they live, how they're living and that they can move forward with whatever game they want to play in life. >> helping a hero
9:51 am
financial assistance, offsetting the cost of custom houses for veterans throughout the nation. we were there to watch the rhyners receive the keys to their brand new home. it was specially designed for their family and rhyner's physical needs. >> feels like home. >> the home is equipped with special showers where rhyner will no longer slipped as he has in traditional showers. the master bedroom is on the main floor so rhyner will no longer have to struggle with stairs and there are wider doorways throughout so that if rhyner becomes wheelchair-bound, the family is prepared. >> it's not i won't require an amputation oar hip replacement down the line, there's always the potential to end up back in the wheelchair. >> best of all, the rhyners say the home is representative of the family's new lease on life. >> the house symbolizes the next chapter and trying to move on. injuries will always be there but it
9:52 am
>> this memorial day, says rhyner, it's good to be home. >> incredible. this absolutely feels like home. >> you made it, dude! >> what a great program to be able to give somebody a fresh start. >> it means so much for the whole family. it really is a great organization. to find out how to nominate veterans for the program, head to we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
at enterprise car sales...y experience great customer service and get more for your trade, may twenty-fourth through thirtieth and let enterprise car sales flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle. it has been great being here. >> thank you for being >> it has been great being here. all right, a summer entertainment preview plus two delicious grilled desserts you can make today. your guests are going to love them. >> and we want to wish you all a safe and happy memorial day.
9:55 am
we'll be back after your local news. >> and weather. 'll be back afte news. >> and weather.
9:56 am
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and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at . it's 9:57 on this memorial day monday, i'm molette green. today's holiday honors the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country. military families coming to visit graves at arlington national cemetery are receiving roses for their loved ones. in about an hour, president trump will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and give a memorial day
9:58 am
now let's get a look at the weather with lauryn ricketts. >> we have a few isolated showers that could be pushing through the area midday. maybe a few isolated showers, then maybe a few showers as we continue into the early afternoon. maybe download the nbc washington app. we continue with bits of sunshine throughout the day. another chance for rain comes tomorrow afternoon. >> got it, thank you so much. coming up on news 4 midday, we'll bring you to some of the other -- vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job.
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test. >> announcer: from nbc >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. [ band playing "anchors aweigh" ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ band playing "anchors aweigh" ] >> yes, thank you so much for


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